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Upcoming Events: March, 2020

by John Trotter

March 1 – Communion Sunday at 9:30 am March 7 – Men’s Breakfast at 8:30 am March 7 – Iron Sharpens Iron in Beloit, WI from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm March 7 – Ladies’ Game Night at Living Well, Dixon from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm March 11 – Board Meeting at 6:30 pm […]

Mens Coffee & Donuts

by John Trotter

Men’s Coffee & Donuts meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month. For details, click here: Mens Coffee & Donuts

Upcoming Events: February, 2020

by John Trotter

Feb. 1 – Men’s Breakfast at 8:30 am Feb. 2 – Communion at 9:30 am Feb. 2 – Membership Class at 4:30 pm Feb. 8 – Men’s Bible Study at John’s Barber Shop, Dixon at 8:00 am Feb. 15 – Men’s Bible Study at John’s Barber Shop, Dixon at 8:00 am Feb. 15 – Men’s […]

Upcoming Events and Activities

by John Trotter

          Dec. 16 – Christmas Open House at Pastor John & Jeanette’s from 5 pm – 7 pm Dec. 21 – Men’s Coffee & Donuts at 8:30 am Dec. 28 – Ladies’ Coffee & Conversation at 9:00 am Dec. 29 – 5th Sunday Potluck following Morning Worship Jan. 11 – District […]

Romans – Keys to Your New Life

by John Trotter

Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome is a key to understanding some of the core essentials of the Gospel of Jesus. Join Lost Lake Church morning worship services starting April 28th 2019 as in our study of Romans we jiggle the handles of difficult Biblical truths and find doors to new life and understanding […]

The Crown.

by John Trotter

Before there were Kings, the nation of Israel’s center of community life was the Tabernacle. Priests received divine instruction and passed the commands of God on to the people through the Elders and Judges who served as administrators of God’s law. However, living in Canaan had required facing powerful armies. While according to God’s promise, […]